Anonymous Evaluation Form For Mike Geesaman,

Instructor ADDA Program

  Your feelings and thoughts are important to this instructor's  continued personal and professional growth.

25 questions follow - set each pull-down answer to the right before you select the "Submit" button below.

1. Teacher takes initiative to get things done.
2. Has lessons ready for the students.

3. Is current and knowledgeable about the subjects taught.

4. Provides others with opportunities to understand the “big picture.” (Why this assignment is being done...)

5. Gives credit and recognition for a job well done.

6. Develops teamwork and cooperation with his students.

7. Prepares in advance and is well organized.

8. Strives to build and improve relationships with others.

9. Keeps promises and honors commitments.

10. Sees potential in others and encourages them to reach it.

11. When resolving conflicts, works to find solutions that benefit all.

12. When making plans that will affect others, involves them in the decision-making process if possible.

13. Seeks to understand others’ viewpoints.

14. Accepts responsibility for his/her actions and attitudes.

15. Trusts others to perform well with out hovering over them.

16. Even when holding strong opinions on issues, encourages others to express differing viewpoints if the group will benefit.

17. Actively works toward the development of others.

18. Acknowledges and apologizes for mistakes.

19. Foresees and prepares for problems before they arise.

20. Establishes work priorities.

21. Meets requests by students in a timely manner.

22. Open and receptive to feedback about his preformace.

23. When working with people, ensures that the necessary resources are identified and available (i.e., supplies, people, money, etc.)

24. Understands issues and concerns that exist within our classroom and our school.

25. Sets high expectations for students and self.

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